Good ending to Bad weekend !!!

Ok, First of all I want to wish Good Luck to all those in Houston and the Texas area who have had to evacuate for Hurrican Ike reasons.  I too had water in my house over the weekend but nothing compared to what they had to go through.  I imagine it must feel ten times worse than what I felt Friday and Saturday night.

Yes, Friday night and Saturday night we spent time wading in the river of water that was gushing from our basement drains out through the furnished living area and out the back door.  Dad, Nick and I spent much of this time sweeping water out the door in shifts.  There is still a lot of water soaked in the carpet but there is finally no standing water.  The basement is going to have to be redone completely.  There is absolutly no question about it.  This indeed did ruin my weekend but on the other hand I did have the most amazing girlfriend there to comfort me when I was upset.  Which was most of the weekend.  She spent most of her time answering the phone and calling people to see who could come help or offer assistance.  I really appreciate that and I know both Dad and Nick do as well.  This is why I love her so much.

With this disaster in our household I thought that the weekend was shot, but I had no idea what was in store for the final evening of my weekend.  Yes, the Chicago Cubs were off both Friday and Saturday due to uncontrolable weather.  This drove me mad.  No Cubs baseball made it difficult for me to not lose my mind in spite of all the craziness this weekend.

Well, they did finally decide to play Sunday night in Miller Park ( a.k.a.  Wrigley North ), and with the loyal fans coming from far and a few from near the Chicago Cubs… er, I mean Carlos Zambranbo threw a hell of a game.  Yes, he did throw a No-Hitter against the Houston Astros in Milwalkee which was the first No-Hitter to be thrown in a neutral stadium.  Congratulations to Big Z.  The Ace has finally proven to me this year that he is the rightfull owner to the Ace crown.  Earlier in the seaon he didn’t prove to me that he truely deserved this undoubtly gracious, Chicago Cubs honor.  The Ace in my mind was unquestionably Ryan Dempster.  When comparing these two players by their statistics numerically Dempster was on top and I still believe is but with the way Carlos threw last night I think he was saying something great, “Hey, I might have looked tired and worn out but the season is not over and I want to win!”

Lets compare the numbers.

Carlos Zambrano – GS: 28  |  IP: 182.1  |  H: 163  |  R: 72  |  BB: 65  |  SO: 127  |  W/L: 14/5

Ryan Dempster   – GS: 30  |  IP: 190.2  |  H: 157  |  R: 71  |  BB: 74  |  SO: 173  |  W/L: 15/6 

Ryan or Carlos    – GS: RD |  IP:  RD    |  H:  RD  |  R: RD |  BB: CZ  |  SO:  RD |  W/L:  RD   

There you have it.  See for yourself who was looking like the more valuable player from my point of view.  But when all is said and done we all know it comes down to who has the most heart, and by the way Carlos handled himself incredibly well throughout that game and seemd almost flawless on the mound.  He is my current Chicago Cubs Ace. 

Go Carlos Zambrano and…


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