Well, my local bar is officially out of Cubby Old Styles… and you know what that means. Yep, thats right, winter has arrived and baseball season is over.  Its funny cuse I am the only one at this bar that drinks Old Style.  Thats cause I am a true Cubs fan.  I am beginning to miss coming to the bar and watching the evening Cubs game.  At the very moment I am engrossing myself in the Chicago Bears game.  I noticed that it is slightly difficult to type and drink and watch the game at the same time.   (Picture me getting drunk trying to type.  I am having to backspace many many times.)


1. Should Derek Lee be traded? – NO,  I think even though his nicknams is D.P. Lee  (Double Play Lee), Derek is a valuable player to the Chicago Cubs.  He may hit into countless Double Plays but he also has a very good level of skill at First place and can guarantee a good catch at first as long as it is in his area code.

2. What Should be done with K. Fukudome? – I think his *** should be sent to Triple A.  Why, because he needs to learn to hit again.  I will admit that he is a high end asset in right field but when has it ever been ok to be able to catch a high fly ball but not be able to get a base hit.  His 2008 batting average was .305 in March and April but dropped to .178 in September and October.  Thats all I’m gonna say.

3. Jake Peavy? – YES: ERA-3.25   W/L-86/62        Thats all I’m saying.

4. When Should Cubs Garb be put away? – Never, I am right now watching a Bears game yet all the clothing on me says Chicago Cubs.  Yes, even me bloody boxers is covered in Cubs logos.  GO CUBS GO !!!!!


Yeah well Im kinda tipsy and I want to eat so I will sign out.

LATER CUBS FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Carlos Zambrano



Carlos Z.  Stats.JPGOk, now lets first look at the 2008 Pitching stats. We can see he had a fairly decent season.  This though comes from the percentages instead of the actual game by game numbers.  If you notice that in 2008 his overall production doesn’t look all that great.  Why, because you can see that in the previous few years he did consistantly better.  Why were we not getting the same numbers this year.  Could it be age? Probably not, since he is only 27 he should have plenty of years left.  I think that by now he should be able to put up better numbers on a regular basis.

He does though have some pretty extravogant games.  For instance he threw a No-Hitter against the Houston Astros during a neutral game located in Milwaukee.  But remember… on his next outing he was torn up by the opposing team and only lasted 2 1/3 innings  after being pulled by Sweet Lou.  This makes no sense to me.  If I have a guy throw a No-Hitter then more then likely he is gonna be used constantly to keep this level of domination alive.  But no, Carlos Zambrano is too inconsistant.  I like him but not like some other players the Cubs have.

“Big Z” also has a bit of a temper issue.  In baseball this is a huge no-no.  In sports where aggression and aggrivation can help then I agree with getting a temper and taking it out on the field.  For instance, if a football player gets aggrivated over missing a tackle he can then go back out and pound the snot out of that guy on the next play.  This adrenaline and testasterone can be used to help the performance in these types of sports but is frowned upon in this Nations Pastime.  In baseball, the opposite is what is needed.  Pitchers especially need to be calm and untouched mentally to be able to pitch a smooth game.  If you happened to see the Big Z No-Hitter you would happen to notice that he showed no emotion.  What did he look like the next outing… The complete oposite.  Again, he needs to learn to be more calm throughout the entire game and play a good consistant season.

On the other side of the ball though he has produced some rather impressive numers.  He does have a .337 batting average and +.500 OBP.  For a pitcher I would agree to let him hit more often.  But again the only way he gets to bat is if he is pitching.  And if you are not pitching well you are not in the game which means you can’t hit.  He could however pinch hit but that is a one time thing only.  I could possibly see him becoming a DH but that won’t be for a few years done the road.  So yes he is a pretty decent pitcher and higher than average batter.  In my opinion he is going to have to continue to improve and produce good batting averages as well as continue to get better on the mound.  Other than that I would not call him the Ace of the Cubs much longer. 

I think if he continues to produce these numbers at the curent time and this style of play continues where his numers decrease and decrease year by year the Cubs are going to notice and he is going to have to find a new home to throw off the mound from.  I hate to say this and I hope it doesn’t happen but it is only the inevitable.


I hope you like what I wrote about and the next on the list is going to be Alfonso Soriano.  Also please leave your opinions towards my views.  I wold love to hear them.


Later from Juice,


Looking Back at 2008

2008 – The Chicago Cubs – and the Hype of winning a World Series Title.

Yes, I know… They were supposed to win.  Everyone knows that already.  The Chicago Cubs had a mindblowing season and when looked at by fans this team was going to end the drought and in my own theory the world would have come to an end.  Yes… I said it.  Time as we know it would have come to a stand still and we would have witnessed something only god should witness.  Ok, Now I’m joking.  Not even God could witness this by using his all glorious powers.  I am kidding though, they were looked at to be the winners and beholders of the World Series title this year… too bad that didn’t happen.  So, in the next few days, possibly weeks, I am going to post the stats of each player and do a sort of summary for that player.  I might combine a few pitchers and other players that don’t have a lot to talk about but I will cover them all. 

**My list will include the following**: Starting Pitchers / Position Players / Newly acquired players / Players that were traded mid season / and possibly a few players from the minor league affiliates.  This will be a long running series that I would love to get feedback from once a Player has been summarized and talked about.  In each review I will try to cover many different aspects of the player.  Including and not limited to, Stats- Current and Career, 2008 highlights, Possible futures, etc.

My first article will be for the Cubs’ Starting Ace from the mound. (Carlos “Big Z” Zambrano)

Hope you enjoy, and please leave any feedback you like.  (good or bad)


Later from Juice,



Dark Cubs Logo.JPG

It has finally hit me!!!

Well, as you know by now… “Yes”, the Chicago Cubs were swept by the LA Dodgers to end their year in an uncanny replica of the 2007 postseason sweeping by the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I hate seeing them go down so easy and as so  *cough, cough* “Ugly” as they did.  With the errors that they had and the incredible amount of hits they wish they had, they pretty much guaranteed the other team a trip to the next series.  I hated watching these games because for some reason with all the hype and all the confidence I had in them… I still in the back of my mind was keeping myself from going nuts with Cubbie Fever.  I hate getting my hopes up and then having them crushed.  Last year was too much. 

So as you can imagine I was not totally upset when they flew to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers in Game Three and the possible defenition of the Cubby Curse was about to be let known.  “Never Gonna Happen”    I kinda felt it wasn’t going to happen.  I watched my share of the game and went to bed.  I mean hey if they win great job, I would then get to watch highlights the next day, otherwise I did not want to waste my time.  THEY LOST…  yeah yeah I saw it coming from the beginning.

Ok, so no more baseball this year. I will pay attention to the rest of the playoff but not as nearly as much as if the Cubs would have continued on.  This first of all is what depresses me the most.  The fact that baseball as we know it in America is done… But only four to five months,   OMG, Four to Five months.  Thats like an eternity for someone who lives for that sport.  I will get my fix with MLB 2K8 on the Xbox360 and with keeping track of the winter leagues and seeing what kind of decisions the Managers and Owners make with the team. But yeah thats pretty much what bums me out.  And it seems weird but this feeling of emptiness only hit me about a day ago.  I have not had anything to say about the Cubs until now. 

I hope that they can find a way to work through the postseason and learn to become a True Dominationg team in the Regular season consistantly as well as in the Postseaon.

Lets Go Chicago

Ok so witht he Cubs having a high chance to win the World Series everyone gets really upset when even a few runs are given up.  Well, you need to remember with the few runs that they have given up can be taken back any time in the next four innings.

Current situation:  Bottom of 6th – Score: 4-2 Dodgers.  And with the game about to come to a stand still the Cubs are going to rally up a comeback like no other in sports history.  With the fact that they were swetp in the first three games of the playoffs last year they need to get this first win.  They need to get the feel of a Playoff win if they want to continue on to the World Series at all.

All of us at Beef O’ Bradys are really ready for the win and want to see what if feels like to make it past the first round.  Let me tell you we are feeling it.

Game 1.JPG

















So there you have it.  Ohh and they just gave up another homerun to Manny Ramirez.

Oh, well… I am going to watch the rest of the game and have one more beer.


Go Cubs Go.

Chicago vs. Chicago

Boy, what a weekend it has been for White Sox fans.  So just to make it clear, ” I am a Chicago Cubs fan to the end.”  But, with the possibility of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox both competing in the World Series together I am cheering for the Chicago White Sox tonight against the Minnesota Twins.

Ok, So both teams have been showing that they want to win game 163 with full heart and no team is really letting up on the defensive side.


Well thats enough about the game tonight lets look at some of the combined stats of the Chicago Cubs and White Sox


Cubs vs. White Sox

Games played: 72

This of course includes the games played during the 1906 World Series when the Sox beat the Cubs.

Current Regular Season Record: 33-33

Current Streak: White Sox +3

 This World Series if both teams manage to continue on to would currently break this record from a tie.  So like I said before I am rooting for the White Sox tonight.

Present time: 8:08 CT 

Score:  0-0 Bottom 6th  2 Outs. Just to make this clear not everyone is excited about an all Chicago World Series.  One of the Quotes I have heard over the past few days is as follows.


– When asked if they would rather see both Chicago Teams or neither of the Chicago teams make it to the World Series A White Sox Fan replied with “I would rather see neither team go than both teams go cause I could not stand the possibility of losing to the Cubs in the World Series”  Wow thats pretty rash don’t you think.

 That kinda shows how intense this World Series could be if the Chicago City dominates this year in the Major League

 Anyways, Just felt like getting that little something off my mind.  Hope you enjoyed it.


GO CUBS GO!!!!!! 



What kind of fan are you?

Well… Have you ever wondered this question.  Many people I have talked to always say things along the lines of,  ” Well, I’m a true diehard Cubs fan and always will be.”  

Ok, Lets look at things logically.  What is a regular fan compared to a diehard fan.  Well, if you want to look at it from the side where a regular fan is just someone who cheers for the home team in the city they are from, then that I guess is a reasonable answer.  You could also argue along the lines of well, that is who my parents root for, and that is who my friends root for, so I guess I will root for them too.  These are both appropriate answers in my mind.  Now, what is a diehard fan?  Someone who follows the team no matter what the conditions, win or lose, they will always be there to cheer them on.  This is what I consider myself.  These two types of fans are examples of basic levels of fans. 

Lets see, you could classify many types of fans.  But how many?  Here is what I have come up with personally.  (Notification) I am looking at this through the many different types of Chicago Cubs fans. 

1.  Regular Cub Fan – Somone who cheers for the Cubs if they just happen to be on TV.  They want to see them win but if they happen to lose… Well, tomorrow is still just another day.  They have no main reason for rooting them on other than thats who they like and there is no rhyme or reason behind their logic of choosing them. Thats perfectly acceptable in my book.

2.  Maternal/Paternal Cubs Fan – Someone who cheers for the teams that his/her parents cheered for.  This then keeps the tradition alive and is a perfectly good reason to cheer for a team.  Gotta reproduce for some reason right?  Why not reproduce to increase a fan base.  LOL

Young Cubs Fans.jpg 




















3.  Underdog Fan – This can be defined in any sport.  But mainly for the Cubs, for the reason they have been the underdog for so many years.  This is a fan that would rather see the unlikely team win.  I know many people who, when watching a sporting event, will ask who the likely winner is and then root for the other team to win.  This is again perfectly acceptable… (unless for instance the two teams are the Cubs and the Cardinals and you are in a Cubbie bar and you root for the Cardinals because the Cubs are expected to win.  You should then be shuned for life.) 

4.  The Wrigley Fan – Now I know this is a borderline fan but I have heard instances where people have used this to descride some Cubs fans.  A Wrigley Fan, aka a Yuppy, is a Cubs fan that only goes to the game to be a part of the hype.  They could care less about the team. They would rather be there for the beer and food and also to be seen on television. They also like to get really hype during the after party.   You know the type.  Once the game is over, they let loose and are usually as loud as you can be and they cheer for hours just to say they were there and more than likely are extremely wasted.  This though is a fan, so if they are there at least they make us feel at home.  Some like to label this type to the Bleacher Bums of Wrigley Field. 

5.  Location Fans – Similiar to the regular fans but slightly different.  This also applies to many different clubs and sports.  The Location fan is simply a fan who cheers for the home team.  No matter what sport it is.  If the game is on and the team from their state or city is playing they cheer for that team.  Enough said.

6.  Fair Weather Fan – Again, applies to all sports.  Now this one is not something to be proud of in my book but, it is very common to see these people.  This type of fan you only see when the team is winning or performing well.  Again, simply put, enough said.

7.  The Diehard Cubs Fan –  This type of fan is the coolest to be.  But please, Do not try to be this kind unless you truely are one at heart.  This fan is the guy who literally knows everything about the team and the history of the team.  They own T-Shirts, Hats, Coats, License plate covers, have stickers on their cars, computer desktop screens, beer cozys, and even the occasional pair of boxers with the logo of their team on them.  This person has grown up a fan of this team and will always cheer for this team.  Through thick and thin they cheer on their team. (This includes bad weather for real). Even through 100 year droughts without a World Series Championship, they root for their team.  This type of fan will know when players and owners do something even during the offseason.  This type of fan is the guy who refers to the team as “WE”.  You know this type.  They will say things like “WE need to win the next two games or else.” even though they are only cheering them on, not actually playing.  I consider myself one of these types of fans.  Just don’t mistake these fans for the Stupid Fans.  (I should not even have to explain that one.  You already know who I’m talking about)

Juice Fan.jpg

This is me trying to convert a Cardinals fan on the left to a Cubs fan.  Looks like I am doing a pretty good job. 


8.  The Fake Fan – Now this is a combination of the Fair Weather Fan and someone who wants to be cool.  This no good person type fan is someone who again notices that a team is doing good they begin to cheer for that team.  Suddenly they seem to know everything about that team even though they really don’t.  They can be identified very easily though.  LOL  

A few things to look for when hunting for Fake Fans.  One… They might have a slightly slower get hype feeling.  For instance, the game is tied and a call is made and it is obviously a bum call.  Once everyone else begins to complain and talk about this bum call they come in behind and say the same things and complain,  but you have to wait for that delayed reaction before you call them a fake fan.  Two… They show up late to a game and ask what is going on.  Sometimes they will ask what period it is when the sport you are watching is Baseball or other stupid questions.  Again, please wait until this stupid question is thrown out there to judge them on being fake. Otherwise it might just be a true fan that was held up at work.  Again make sure that stupid question is thrown out before judgement.  Lastly… There is always the guy that wants to go out with people and be cool.  You ask him to go watch the game and he could care less about the game.  When you tell him you are going to watch the game at the bar.  He then asks “Sweet, what time and who are they playing?”  Now this guy is hard to catch, but if you pay attention he possesses both of the first two traits but just holds back and really doesn’t posses any enthusiasm towards the sport.

This is the fake fan.  If anything, try not to be the fake fan.  Be yourself and just say “Dude I don’t care who wins, I just want to drink some beer”  Fess up and we will not hold it against you.


Well there you have it. !!! THE FANS !!!

Without fans there would be no sports.  I mean how would these multimillion dollar players make money with the absence of fans.  So, no matter what type of fan you are, please know what type you are and don’t be a fan you are not.



GO CUBS GO !!!!!